Bam! It’s election day and I choose Pinot Blanc.

The first Pinot Blanc I ever tried was from Four Graces in Willamette Valley.  This white wine was spicy but leaned heavily on stone fruits - like apricots and nectarines - to balance the acidity with a zingy sweetness that came through the chewy texture.  Generally, I thought of white wine being thin and alcohol-heavy, too sweet and tart for my taste but the further I explored the more I came to love the lighter side of things, especially the varietal Pinot Blanc…

A genetic mutation of Pinot Noir, PB is grown all over but mainly comes out of Alsace in France, Germany, parts of California and sometimes the rare Oregonian will try their hand at it (to be honest this wine is kind of all over but these seem to be the main regions I have encountered).  Great food wines, Pinot Blancs pair super well with seafood like grilled scallops or crab.  I would also drink it with pasta and broccoli in a cream sauce or a more rustic dish styled after its French heritage - like Choucroute and Flammekuchen that are traditional in places like Strasbourg in Alsace-Lorraine where I studied abroad and really should have started my wine adventure, alas to be sixteen again!

Recently I was able to try a PB from Robert Sinskey Vineyards coming out of Los Carneros. Being sold only in 375ml or magnums, Sinskey is marketing his PB as either an aperitif or party wine which in my opinion totally works since it is very versatile in style and drinkability.  Reeking of peaches, with a zippy acidity and long, lingering finish that plays over your entire palate, the minerality and balance to this wine truly make it a treat.  And since I am totally biased to this varietal, it was cool to try a California Biodynamic/Organic vineyards take on it.   Absolument délicieux!!!

And just because I love it so, the Becker Pinot Blanc out of Pflaz, Germany is badass!!!

so badass in fact their site is entirely in German (duh) and just a hint Weißburgunder means Pinot Blanc… 

Well that is my two cents on Pinot Blancs - at least until I get my hands on another! 

À demain.

- Kit H.